Power Up Your Radio Presence With Global Syndication, PR & Management

Got a radio show? Want to blow it up? Wondering how the big DJs manage to get their shows on so many radio stations all over the world? Good news – MCPR offers a total solution that can supercharge your show and level it right up to become an established and globally syndicated project.


When it comes to turning your radio show into something that you just distribute through your platform of choice on Mixcloud, Soundcloud, YouTube or wherever else – effective promotion can be great to get your numbers up. There is however a whole bigger and better world out there when it comes to syndication. Through MCPR’s Radio Show Management & Syndication we can unlocked the doors to hundreds of potential radios that are always looking for quality new shows to syndicate and add to their weekly programmes.

Our syndication process uses world class distribution platforms to ensure that your radio show is globally distributed. Current clients using this service are now weekly features on everything from major international FM stations that have incredible audiences, DAB and Satellite radios all around the world and right down to popular online radios. With our guidance you can be sure that your show will be taken to the next level.


We make things easy for you when It comes to getting your show out there to the world. All you need to do is submit your show and tracklist by the deadlines in place and we’ll take care of the rest. We then use platforms to supply the weekly shows to the right people in the right places to make sure that your show is handed in on time every week. All the time whilst this is happening, we are pitching to new stations on an ongoing basis to ensure that your show is growing on a consistent basis. With approval on the shows we can distribute to Spotify, Apple Podcast (iTunes), Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, Acast, Radio Public, Castro, Deezer, iHeartRadio and Pandora.


The true power of a good radio show is the ability to expand your network and horizons. Our services cover the management of the sourcing of guest DJs to come and share a mix on your show to power up your reach. As your show grows, so does the level of DJ we can bring on board your show. Some of clients are regularly inviting DJ Mag Top 100 DJs to come on their show and the power of that is huge.

It gets better though, once you have a globally syndicated radio show, not only can you invite bigger guests on your show – but we can take control of getting you onto other prominent radio shows for guest mixes too. This opens up a whole new world of growth potential both for your show and you as a DJ.


Fundamental to growth and success of a project – how you tackle the often-confusing world of PR for your releases is a vital part of growing and managing a successful project in the music industry. Our packages offer a selection of promo packages that pack a punch and guarantee that your shows get the press coverage required to get heard by the world. Our campaigns are hugely effective and ensure that your release is well featured around the world’s magazines, blogs, websites and surrounding press. The higher end packages introduce a promotion budget which allows MCPR to reinvest the budget wisely into appropriate sponsored content, paid placements and advertising that is relevant to your release. Our close contacts with the industry press enables us to book in such features and content at attractive and reduced rates when compared to publicly offered prices. With MCPR, your promo budget goes much further. We work alongside the very best media outlets in dance music and that gives us the ability to secure you PR features that go above beyond. If you’re a Producer too we can even help to get you verified on 1001Tracklists to help establish your show even further.



At MCPR we have a full-time dedicated Syndication Manager who spends all day, every day working on our clients’ shows and creating new openings. If you want to join the family and get your radio show a huge upgrade – get in touch and we’d love to talk.


If you’re on a mobile device, just click the WhatsApp logo to open up a chat with us right now. What are you waiting for?


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For more info on this service you can view our PDF deck here.