Artist Progression & PR Management


MCPR is a forward-thinking and distinctive Artist Progression & PR Management agency that has pioneered a model showcasing consistent success for numerous Artists, DJs, Record Labels, and music industry brands over more than a decade. With unparalleled contacts and extensive experience, we stand apart from traditional PR Management frameworks.

What sets MCPR apart is our holistic approach that goes beyond providing top-notch PR campaigns for releases and projects. We focus on building careers that thrive, making a collaboration with MCPR an investment rather than just an expense. Our approach revolves around a comprehensive “360” strategy, crafting a path towards industry success with viable and realistic milestones.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have transformed bedroom Producers into globally recognised artists, securing deals with major record labels. We have guided local DJs to sign with leading Booking Agents, resulting in bookings at renowned festivals and establishing thriving careers as internationally touring DJs. 

Our success stems from our high-level “A&R” expertise in spotting rising stars and aligning with projects early on, employing our proven methods to achieve each project’s key performance indicators. With a global team spanning continents and bridging language barriers, we have the ability to connect with the right people in diverse geographic territories. With headquarters in London, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, and Malta, we are an international team with a worldwide reach.
At MCPR, we go beyond promotion and screen time. We start at the core of a project, building a solid framework that encompasses Strategy & Build-Up, Amplification, Monetisation, and Results.

These focal targets set us apart from the industry’s standard PR model, showcasing our established Artist Progression system.

Strategy & Build-Up

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” It all starts with the right plan and our agency is built from the ground up to setup projects that are built for success. 

Navigating this industry can be a tricky venture flying solo, but with MCPR infused into your project, you’re aligned with a team and set of principles and strategies that are tried and tested with repeated success.

Brand Identity & Positioning

To know where you’re going, you first need to know where you are. Stage one with any Artist Progression & PR Management setup with MCPR is to look long and hard at your project and identify your current position and then begin to brainstorm a logical and methodical plan to design a roadmap that points towards the destination that we want to achieve together. No two projects are the same and this step is a crucial starting point to set us up for success.

Music Enhancement

Our team includes Producers that release regularly on both major and Electronic music labels from Spinnin’ and Musical Freedom, to Glasgow Underground and STEREOHYPE. We have multiple Producers on the team with a variety of skillsets from 15 years of working with Producers in executive roles to perfect demos both creatively and technically for target labels through to young and fast rising talents that can ensure that your sound is perfect for what’s getting signed this year.

MCPR offers a range of services to solidify your sound. We will listen to your back catalogue, upcoming releases and demos and work with you to ensure that your sound is exactly where it needs to be to maximise your chances at hitting your targets.

Digital Presence & Content Planning

“MCPR keeps the press rolling in”. That’s been a mantra of ours for years and continues to be a key driver. We prioritise your digital presence and plan your growth with our tried and tested growth tools.

We have working relationships with just about every publication in the electronic music media and have nurtured these connections for the decade-plus that we have been in business.

At MCPR we identify media that makes sense for your project and draw up an internal plan of action that ensures that your project is being covered on an ongoing basis to improve and nurture your digital presence.

Does your artist or brand name rank well on Google and other search engines? If not, after a short period of time under our guidance we’ll be sure to be filling search result pages with everything from interviews and editorials, to release coverage and more creative and bespoke content.

Social Media Strategy

Drowning in the stress of trying to maintain 5 different social media accounts? MCPR can help to alleviate that stress with professional strategy and prioritisation. Not every project needs to be relentlessly posting on every platform every day and we can assist in identifying where your target audience is and put the time and energy into the places that will show the strongest returns.

We believe that 1,000 fans that turn up to your shows is more important than 100,000 social media followers with low engagement. From day one our strategy is to identify and then target your core fanbase.

Our methods are tried and tested as well as built with the target of turning a project into a sustainable business model in the long term by ticking the boxes that industry gatekeepers want to see ticked. Gone are the days when 1,000,000 followers are going to get you a record label or booking agency deal. Music industry executives are wise to the unreliable nature of these arbitrary numbers and now look at engagement as the key marker for social media metrics and we prioritise that above all else with our strategies.

Business Planning & Management

MCPR is not just PR in the traditional sense. We’re more like a Swiss Army Knife for your entire project and that includes business planning and management to not just promote, but solidify your future.

We’re in the business of building careers in the industry and coming along for the ride so your success is our success. With the years and countless projects that we’ve taken on this journey we know how to put together a viable and realistic plan of action that includes milestones and tipping points that show us and you that our work is moving us closer to the targets we set out to achieve.


“You can have the best song in the world, but if no one hears it, what does it matter?”

Once we have the product right, it’s time to shout – and MCPR has a megaphone that resonates around the entire music world when we’ve got something to tell the world. Amplification is the step along the ladder when it’s time to turn our attentions outwards and start to make some noise.


Press & PR

Projects working with MCPR can expect to see constant, high quality and evolving press and media coverage. Our industry black book is over a decade in the making giving us direct contact and relationships with key gatekeepers in the media. 

From the very start of the Artist Progression & PR Management journey, your project will be subjected to ongoing and high-quality press content to keep you in the spotlight both in the run up to releases and the important phases in-between when so many artists and projects make the painful mistake of falling silent until the next big thing to promote comes around. At MCPR we are never lost for content and ideas on how to keep you busy with ongoing PR to continue to tell your story and build a strong portfolio of coverage to build an EPK to impress.

When it’s release time – you can be confident that you’re in the right hands as we have the process down to a hybrid of science and art that has been tweaked and refined over hundreds of releases for over a decade. From pre-release, to release day, to all that follows, we’ve seen it all before and know how to extract every drop of hype of out releases that we’re representing.

Our ongoing push on content is bespoke to your project and can be anything from profile pieces, spotlight interviews, charts, music production tips and tutorials, behind the scenes pieces, news and announcements and much more to keep us continuously building your presence in the media.

DJ & Radio Promo

From our in-house Inflyte, to our partners providing high level radio and DJ pool promo. Our clients are getting support from the biggest DJs in the world and are racking up vital plays on radio and on dance floors in key territories. We are linked up with a huge number of the world’s most influential DJs and radio programmers, giving us the tools to get music heard by the right people.

We setup and prepare our DJ and radio promotional campaigns to trigger at optimised timings in relation to a release date and that timeline is bespoke depending on the artist, the label and more. There is no “one size fits all” approach to building a campaign, but there are optimal strategies for you and your project and we will act accordingly. There are times and situations in which having releases only in the hands of A-list DJs and top radio programmers makes sense and others where it is logical to have a track in the pockets of a much larger scope of DJs. Knowing the when and why of this matter can help to create a perfect path for releases to get the very best out of them and maximise the likelihood of hitting KPIs for each release.

Spotify & DSP Promo

Spotify & DSP is a crucial box to tick when it comes to getting big deals done. We work with a vast network of curators and compile campaigns that elevate your numbers organically to the next level.

From a suite of Spotify playlisting tools both in-house and with trusted partners, to strategy and timing decisions on what needs to be done and when – we extract the maximum potential out of releases and projects on these all-important platforms where the right setup can make or break releases.

Our longer-term vision of building up your project into an attractive proposition to in-house Editorial Playlist Curators at Spotify and knowing how and what needs to be done in collaboration with your Distribution setup to tick these boxes gives us an edge when it comes to pushing for these coveted spots.

Social Media Marketing

Our PR team are on the cutting edge of every social media network and know how to leverage each to grow a serious music project.

We have a diverse age range of Publicists at MCPR that collaborate to bring decades of knowledge that is translatable through all platforms and combine this experience with our younger colleagues that are working on the razor edge of the newest emerging platforms to give us a full suite of expertise that are extracting the best value and results for our clients.


Knowing when, where and how to invest in advertising can be an expensive and ineffective venture when handled incorrectly. We have the experience, algorithms and knowledge to ensure that any ad spends are getting value. 

If you’re pumping money into social media or other forms of advertising and not exactly knowing if what you’re investing in is optimised or is translating into effective traffic to your desired location, then MCPR can shield you against burning money on ads that just do not achieve the desired outcome. From bringing down your cost per click numbers, to making sure those clicks are coming from the right people – we’ve got the experience and expertise in-house to ensure that you’re extracting maximum value from any ventures into advertising.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer/Viral marketing is no longer limited to commercial music. We’re actively pushing even the most niche and underground genres when it lands on your target audience and achieves the desired results.

If you think that Influencer Marketing is all about teeth whitening and selling vitamins and supplements – then you will likely be surprised at just how much this realm of marketing has infiltrated the electronic music world, right down to the most underground genres.


“Artists and DJs often face the paradox of creating music that touches hearts while struggling to make ends meet. It’s a constant juggling act between passion and survival.”

The death of so many music projects comes at a point where the project comes to a conclusion that financial recuperation of investment is not viable on their current model. The industry is tough, ruthless and only a few make it through the barrier into sustainable careers that pay the bills and more.

MCPR has taken numerous talents from this position of questioning a long-term career in what they do and nurtured careers through our Artist Development & PR Management setup and created full-time DJs, Producers and Labels that are not only making ends meet, but are thriving into prosperity with the sky as the limit.


Demo Management & Label Pitching

With MCPR as your team – gone are the days of un-replied e-mails to demo@ inboxes to labels. We have extensive personal relationships with A&Rs and label managers across the industry. Over a decade of establishing relationships with Label Assistants from 10 years ago that are now fronting A&R departments at major imprints gives us the edge when it comes to getting demos heard and signed. When a label agrees a deal with a demo from MCPR they know that not only are they getting quality music, but the backing of a PR agency that holds a reputation for success in the business.

With key labels on your side, the audience and potential for success on your projects transforms from a simple artist to listener model to a much more nuanced and financially beneficial setup that can result in elevated streaming royalties, sync-deals, paid remixes, bookings on label events/tours and more.

Sponsorship & Endorsement

Brands, businesses and media have deep pockets for the right endorsements. It’s our job to turn you and your project into an attractive option for others that are marketing to your core audience.

By building an engaged and targeted fanbase, we’re able to effectively negotiate with brands and businesses that are investing in marketing campaigns from industries of all kinds. We’ve linked up clients with music tech businesses be that for sponsored use of equipment through to connecting larger brands to have their logo placed in association with events or tours.

Audience & Fanbase Growth

Everything that we do is about growth. From your core fanbase, social media followings, Spotify/DSP and expanding your reach – we nurture growth that monitors all metrics to elevate your stature in the industry.

Once your fanbase is built and growing rapidly there are many ways to leverage your audience into monetisation. From merchandise, music sales and streaming royalties, fan memberships, teaching and workshops and more – your ticket-buying fanbase can become your main source of income with the right strategy.

We’ve worked with DJs that have leveraged this with touring to maximise their profitability and also with Producers that have no intention of being on stage.

Booking Agency Pitching

99% of our initial signings want a Booking Agent and we know what they want to see from you before they’d sign a contract. Our Artist Progression & PR Management setup is designed to hit this important milestone to get your project on tour and taking regular bookings. 

We’ve seen the rejected applications and the ones that get signed and picked up an extensive contacts network of Booking Agents along the way given us access and direct communication lines to those working with rosters at some of the largest music industry agencies in the world.

When it comes to getting that important deal across the line we know exactly what boxes need to be ticked and there is a tried and tested methodology that behind what we do with our Artist Progression & PR Management process and adding a solid Booking Agent to the team is a key breakthrough moment in that journey.

Getting the right Booking Agent is vital at this stage and with MCPR on your side, you can be sure that when the time comes, you’re not signing up for a bad deal because as they say “no deal is better than a bad one”.


“Remember that every hour you spend honing your craft, every late night in the studio perfecting your sound, and every gig where you give your all, is an investment in your future. Trust in the power of hard work, because it’s the fuel that propels you towards your goals and sets you apart from the rest.”

Impact is everything when you establish a project in the music industry and leveraging the grind and smart decisions on your journey up the food chain will dictate your success. Our Artist Progression & PR Management setup is built to achieve tangible results and once they materialise, this is not the end of the journey, but the start of a new chapter in which your project realises potential and the hard work starts to pay off.

Regular Releases on Big Labels


If we’ve ticked all the right boxes, we can and do sign our clients to their target labels to get them on the path to success.

Being signed to a major or established record label in the electronic music world can open doors that would otherwise be difficult to access. These labels have established networks and connections within the industry, allowing artists to tap into a vast pool of resources and opportunities that synergise with what MCPR excels at to create a powerful team for your project.

Distribution is a crucial aspect of a music release, and the better labels often have well-established distribution channels that can ensure wide availability and exposure across various platforms and territories. This accessibility to global markets can lead to increased streams, sales, and potential licensing opportunities.


Once an artist has proved that they are capable of releasing music that is likely to achieve success, having the right label on your side can make life a whole lot easier as it’s not just you that’s investing in your project anymore, it’s the label too. Label’s that believe in your project and are invested in the mutual vision for success will invest their time, resources and finances into projects that they believe in.


Attract Brands & Endorsement Deals


In the competitive landscape of the music industry, attracting brands and securing endorsement deals is a coveted achievement for DJ/Producers. It not only provides lucrative financial opportunities but also elevates their status and credibility as influential tastemakers.


Brand partnerships and endorsement deals offer a symbiotic relationship between artists and businesses targeting their core audience. Through our strategic approach, we position artists in a way that makes them a desirable choice for brands. We meticulously craft brand identity and create a compelling narrative that resonates with potential sponsors. By understanding the artist’s unique selling points, we effectively showcase their influence, talent, and marketability, making them an attractive option for brand collaborations. Our team understands the nuances of brand partnerships and knows how to negotiate win-win deals that benefit both parties.


High Engagement & Reach For Your Fanbase

At MCPR, our holistic approach to Artist Progression & PR Management empowers you to harness the financial potential of your fanbase. Through calculated social media strategies, targeted content planning, and strategic partnerships, we create an environment that fosters not only artistic fulfilment but also financial stability. With our expertise and guidance, you can confidently navigate the complex landscape of fanbase growth, knowing that each engagement brings you closer to a thriving and prosperous career in music.

By investing in the growth and engagement of your fanbase, you’re not only building a dedicated community but also setting the stage for long-term financial success. The support and enthusiasm of your fans become the driving force behind a sustainable career in the music industry.


Bookings, Tours & Exponential Growth


As your bookings and tours gain traction, the financial benefits become increasingly apparent. Higher-paying gigs, festival appearances, and international tours provide substantial income streams that contribute to your overall financial success. Additionally, live performances serve as powerful promotional tools, attracting new fans and driving further growth in your fanbase.


Through meticulous planning, we help you identify key territories and target markets, enabling you to expand your reach and fanbase exponentially and compile PR campaigns at the local or regional level to supercharge your buzz in any given zone. By carefully working with Booking Agents and Tour Managers with selecting tour destinations and optimising timing, we maximise your exposure and capitalise on the momentum generated by your music releases and media coverage.


Exponential growth goes beyond the immediate financial gains. It sets the foundation for a sustainable career, opening doors to new opportunities such as brand collaborations, licensing deals, and endorsements. As your profile expands through successful bookings and tours, you become a sought-after artist, allowing you to negotiate better deals and command higher fees.


Where this all leads to is open-ended – but you can be sure that with MCPR you’re being represented by a team that has the experience and expertise required to hit the heights that your project is capable of.


The sky is the limit and we’re here to not only get you to meet these destinations, but capitalise on each milestone along the way.