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Artist Progression & Management that delivers progressive and long-standing results.

PR & Promotion

From the studio to the charts. MCPR specializes in turning great tracks into popular ones.

Inovative Solutions.

Our passion for project management ensures that your career is carefully managed to capitalize on growth opportunties.


MCPR is a future-facing and unique Artist Progression & PR Management agency that has pioneered a model that has showcased repeatable success for a long string of Artists, DJs, Record Labels and music industry brands with over a decade of success stories, unrivalled contacts and experience to draw upon.


What separates MCPR from the traditional PR Management framework is that we do not only provide class-A PR campaigns on releases and projects, filling in the gaps between key events and ultimately build towards a higher longer-term goal of creating careers that thrive, meaning that a collaboration with MCPR is not just an expense, but an investment with viable and realistic milestones that takes a ‘360’ approach around the full artist projects to help craft a path towards industry success.


From developing bedroom Producers into internationally acclaimed names with deals on the biggest record labels in the industry, to signing DJs operating on a local level and nurturing their trajectory up to and beyond signing deals with leading industry Booking Agents that have resulted in bookings at the world’s biggest festivals and launching careers as globally touring DJs. Our repeated success and reputation starts with high-level ‘A&R’ to scope out tomorrow’s household names and aligning with the project early, then evolving the project through our tried and tested methods up to realisation of each project’s KPIs. Our global team has MCPR spanning continents and language barriers enables us to get through to the right people in a diverse range of geographic territories. With a presence at our HQs in London, Northern Ireland, Netherlands and Malta – we’re an international team with a worldwide reach.


Beyond just promotion and getting clients screen time – MCPR start at the core of a project and build a framework beginning with Strategy & Build-Up, into Amplification, then into Monetisation and Tangible Results. These milestones as focal targets are the differentiator between the industry standard PR model, and our established Artist Progression system.

Follow Your Trajectory

Strategy & Build-Up


Brand Identity & Positioning

You can't plot a journey without currently knowing where you are. We first identify your location, then build a brand and narrative that resonates with you and your target audience.

Music Enhancement

Our team includes Producers that release regularly on both major and Electronic music labels from Spinnin' and Musical Freedom, to Glasgow Underground and STEREOHYPE. MCPR offers a range of services to solidify your sound.

Digital Presence & Content Planning

MCPR keeps the press rolling in. That's been a mantra of ours for years and continues to be a key driver. We prioritise your digital presence and plan your growth with our tried and tested growth tools. 

Social Media Strategy

We believe that 1,000 fans that turn up to your shows is more important than 100,000 social media followers with low engagement. From day one our strategy is to identify and then target your core fanbase.

Business Planning & Management

MCPR is not just PR in the traditional sense. We're more like a Swiss Army Knife for your entire project and that includes business planning and management to not just promote, but solidify your future.



Press & PR

Projects working with MCPR can expect to see constant, high quality and evolving press and media coverage. Our industry black book is over a decade in the making giving us direct contact and relationships with key gatekeepers in the media.

DJ & Radio Promo

From our in-house Inflyte, to our partners providing high level radio and DJ pool promo. Our clients are getting support from the biggest DJs in the world and are racking up vital plays on radio and on dance floors in key territories. 

Spotify & DSP Promo

Spotify & DSP is a crucial box to tick when it comes to getting big deals done. We work with a vast network of curators and compile campaigns that elevate your numbers organically to the next level.

Social Media Marketing

Our PR team are on the cutting edge of every social media network and know how to leverage each to grow a serious music project.


Knowing when, where and how to invest in advertising can be an expensive and ineffective venture when handled incorrectly. We have the experience, algorithms and knowledge to ensure that any ad spends are getting value.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer/Viral marketing is no longer limited to commercial music. We're actively pushing even the most niche and underground genres when it lands on your target audience.



Demo Management & Label Pitching

With MCPR as your team - gone are the days of un-replied e-mails to demo@ inboxes to labels. We have extensive personal relationships with A&Rs and label managers across the industry.

Sponsorship & Endorsement

Brands, businesses and media have deep pockets for the right endorsements. It's our job to turn you and your project into an attractive option for others that are marketing to your core audience.

Audience & Fanbase Growth

Everything that we do is about growth. From your core fanbase, social media followings, Spotify/DSP and expanding your reach - we nurture growth that monitors all metrics to elevate your stature in the industry.

Touring (Booking Agency Pitching)

99% of our initial signings want a Booking Agent and we know what they want to see from you before they'd sign a contract. Our Artist Progression & PR Management setup is designed to hit this important milestone to get your project on tour. 



Regular Releases on Big Labels

If we've ticked all of the right boxes, we can and do sign our clients to their target labels to get them on the path to success.

Attract Brands & Endorsement Deals

With your presence established, we are now able to secure deals that turn an expense into an investment that results in highly-lucrative deals.

High Engagement & Reach For Your Fanbase 

Once the hard work is done, your reach is your power. The goal of our journey together is to drive up your numbers in every field and establish you as a tastemaker in your domain.

Bookings, Tours & Exponential Growth

It's no secret that bookings and touring is where the majority of the money is made. Once key milestones are met and a Booking Agent is on board, it's time to start touring and the sky is the limit from here.



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What They Say.

Evan Sacks
Evan SacksCEO @ 1001Tracklists
Read More
"We've worked with MCPR for many years, and it's always been very smooth and professional! They do a great job of promoting their clients."
Simon Fraser
Simon FraserLabel Manager @ Play Records
Read More
"If you are an indie artist or label seeking for a PR company to give your promotional efforts a boost, look no further. MCPR delivers all the services and features that I expected from our previous PR firms. I only wish I had found them sooner."
Will Vance
Will VanceManaging Editor @ Magnetic Magazine
Read More
"Matt and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only are they friendly, fast, and helpful, but the music and artists that they work with are always class acts, making us all the more than happy to support them and their work."
Bruce Elliott-Smith
Bruce Elliott-SmithGrammy Award Winning Producer & Manager
Read More
“Having worked with MCPR for several months we can wholeheartedly say they are best of breed. Proactive and relevant strategy input, top end artist interviews, features and excellent regular reporting.”
Ana Luiza Cavalcante
Ana Luiza CavalcanteChief Editor @ DJ Mag BR
Read More
“Thank you for the partnership of many years! I’m very proud to work with MCPR! I’m very grateful to make all of the PR that we happen with your artists across our dance music media! We look forward to a long life with our partnership!”
Jacob Colon
Jacob ColonNervous Records/Juicy Music
Read More
“I’ve been with Matt Caldwell PR for a couple of years now and it’s been a great experience thus far. I am glad to have a manager that promptly assists with any inquiries I have. If any issue ever arises, they are quick to respond to the situation and handle it professionally. I am a part of several pr programs they offer and am happy about each one. They are a team that cares about their roster and the work they produce shows it.“
Terry Golden
Terry GoldenBlack Hole Recordings/Art of Rave
Read More
“Since partnering with MCPR, we've taken Terry Golden's brand to new heights. MCPR has skilfully handled PR for all my releases, the special events I've played and more. Over the past few years, MCPR has crafted PR campaigns which have resulted in hundreds of editorials and news articles spotlighting my brand. These articles have been published in some of the biggest names in electronic music media, including DJ Mag, and We Rave You, among others. In addition to press and PR, MCPR was instrumental in the launch of my radio show ‘Art of Rave’. The show, now nearing its 100th episode holds weekly residencies on over 80 radio stations worldwide, with a daily listener reach of 3-4 million. Through this journey, Terry Golden has shifted from relative obscurity to becoming a renowned name in Electronic music circles. This growth has also led to MCPR signing Terry to 2 Booking Agents and a Manager. With personalised communication, MCPR is always ready to assist. I can only give my highest recommendations.”
Read More
“Working with MCPR on a long-term basis, we have always found them to be very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They have really helped us grow our fan base and reach new audiences and we are very happy to be working with them as part of our team.”
Kris Novak
Kris NovakVice President @ EDM Sauce
Read More
"As one of the leading, independent outlets for electronic dance music for over a decade, EDMSauce has worked with MCPR over this same timeframe. Through our countless interactions, Matt's team has helped us curate new music, artists and interviews for our outlet. MCPR is extremely professional, prompt, and a class act agency when it comes to artist promotion and media relations. They are truly a respected leader in artist management and completely immersed in the dance music industry."
Kevin Ching
Kevin ChingContent Director & Editor-In-Chief @ 6AM Group
Read More
"It's been a pleasure working with MCPR. Their staff have been great to work with and they bring and represent great talent and content."
Cody Chase
Cody ChaseThe Chase Radio Show & Chasin Records
Read More
"MCPR has been instrumental in the growth and development of my career. They have always gone above and beyond to make sure that my team and I get everything we think we need, and oftentimes, provide things we didn’t think about or know we needed. Most importantly, Matt challenges me to grow as an artist, music business owner and human. He is a trusted confidant and advisor whose guidance and opinion I will continue to value and seek throughout the entirety of career."
Future Rave Music
Future Rave MusicKen Bauer
Read More
"I have been working with Matt Caldwell PR for several years and they take care of all my promotional efforts giving me time and energy to focus on my label and music production. It’s a great team to work with and I can highly recommend them."

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