Press Release Campaign

The foundation of a Single Release campaign is the press release. This is the process of strategically planning the press story and preparing all of the information and assets they require to get excited and feature the release. We will then use our vast pool of global press contacts (10+ years in the making) and distribute the news to secure premieres, features and reviews for the release, which would then be presented in our comprehensive reports which are beautifully compiled into easy to digest PDFs using the industry-leading PR reporting suite.

DJ Promotion

Whilst press coverage is mainly a fan-facing tool, DJ promo is our way of gathering approval from your peers and industry figures by pitching your release for their support and in-turn gain access to their fanbase. By holding a pool of contacts ranging from the world’s biggest DJs down to the national level residents, we are able to customise the target list for your release and ensure it’s being included in DJ playlists at clubs, events, radio shows, podcasts and more. DJ Promo efforts and results are presented through our comprehensive reports which you receive in regular updates (frequency dependent on package).


Some things can’t be said through a press release, so securing an interview will allow you to speak about the release from a ‘behind the scenes’ angle and be able to complement the PR message from the artists’ point of view. MCPR will run this interview with you through your preferred method with a choice of text, audio or video and place it on an established press outlet to reinforce your campaign.

Editorial Artist Feature

Editorials are considered the pinnacle of artist features. Generally, editorials are long-form pieces of content that aim to deep-dive into the artists’ background and their work. They are a key SEO tool and one of the best ways of securing a Wikipedia page, aside from being an excellent profile-building piece for the artist.

Premium Features/Guaranteed A-List Press

Many clients ask us if and how to land features on the top international press, from DJ Mag to Mixmag and everything that follows. Such blogs and magazines get hundreds of submissions a day, so we have devised a fool-proof way of cutting through the noise and offer guaranteed coverage through our long-standing partnerships that allow us to exchange value with the biggest press in the world, and in turn offer our clients an entryway to support from their favourite and most relevant press around. 99% of PR Agencies say they can “try” to get you featured on certain high-level press, but at MCPR we can give you simple answer that is usually “yes, we can get you that”. MCPR Premium Press Features or Press Boosts are one of the most powerful PR options in the dance music world.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

When promoting an artist, we have to think about all of the various demographics and trending platforms to maximise visibility. With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, influencers are playing an ever more important role in pushing music to viral status and through our Social Media & Influencer Marketing process, we’re able to get your releases in front of the right influencers and be included within potentially viral content across the variety of platforms, hitting your potential fanbase from all angles. It’s easy to dismiss platforms like TikTok as being for “kids”, but at MCPR we do not forget that the fact is that the songs that are popular with youth culture are the ones that yield the biggest rewards.

Soundcloud Promotion

Soundcloud is very much a staple within the Dance music industry and community. Through our connections with some of the leading networks on Soundcloud, we are able to feed off their massive followings and redirect them towards your profile and tracks, bringing a noticeable increase in streams, engagement and playlist inclusions. Soundcloud promotions have been soured by a horde of fake plays and comments. but when MCPR promote your Soundcloud uploads, you’ll know with ease that it’s as real as it gets.

Spotify Playlist Promotion

Spotify is the number one go-to platform for music streaming. Landing your music on the world’s biggest playlists can not only drastically increase the number of streams on your tracks, but also make a positive dent on your artist profile through a mix of Spotify support from industry and fans alike. Our internal and external Spotify playlist placement services are capable of getting your tracks onto high-traffic playlists from a batch of the most influential curators on the platform. If you’re not promoting on Spotify yet, you need to catch up!