Spend The Summer Deep In The Electronic Music World

‘Kickstart your career in Electronic music at one of the world’s most dynamic and renowned agencies for modern-day Artist Development & PR Management. It is a perfect pathway for a graduate or talented individual who wants to turn a passion into a career. Whether you’re finding your feet in the industry post-university, or are a passionate DJ/Producer who wants to take the next step into our world – this could be the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for.’

The Role:

Working with the Music Industry PR & DSP Team at MCPR, you will be embedded at the heart of our project and gain a broad understanding of the world of PR, Artist Development, DJ/Radio Promotions & DSP with one of the leading agencies in the Electronic music space. 


Targeted research and outreach to global DJs, Radio Producers and Playlist Curators through meticulous data collection, delving into target markets and familiarising yourself with national, regional and local Electronic music scenes.

Curating MCPR’s in-house Spotify playlists on a weekly basis.

Term length project aimed at building our third-party Spotify Playlisting network.

Contribute to the expansion of our DJ promo database.

Establishing and nurturing relationships with global DJs / Radio Producers / Curators and wider industry contacts.

Assisting in general day to day tasks in support of the music industry and DSP team.

What We’re Looking For:

Someone who is methodical and can thrive in the world of detailed researches and “A&R” style work to focus in on both talent in the form of DJs and Producers, or in the realms of Spotify and DSP.  Applicants should be organised with good database etiquette and an have an eye for detail.

Applications should be well embedded with at least a working level of familiarity within Dance/Electronic music culture with regards to the industry, the roles and pathways in it and how to operate within it. If you know the difference between ADE and MMW and have an ear to the ground across the Electronic music world, this is in your lane. If you’re passionate about music and are a regular user and are familiar with Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and other DSPS, this role may suit your interests.

Open, honest, clear, consistent and reliable communication skills throughout set working hours.

An individual who is hands on and can work efficiently under their own supervision remotely, once given guidance and training on the tasks at hand. 

A complete command of English in both written and spoken settings.

A team player who is dedicated to learning and growing within the industry towards a career in Electronic music.

Benefits of Working With:

  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Electronic music, collaborating with top DJs, Producers, Labels and brands.
  • Join up with the family at MCPR – an agency that is rapidly growing into one of the industry’s most prominent management.
  • Expand your professional network within the music industry.
  • Work with a business that is a family and nurtures professional and personal growth.
  • Receive comprehensive support for continuous learning and skill enhancement.
  • Work remotely anywhere in the world.
  • Be a part of a dynamic team of music industry experts with a global reach.
  • Full-time career opportunities are viable for those that can impress through internships.

Term: 3 Months (Full Time)

Financial: The role is unpaid, but opportunities are available to dedicate a day per week to a sales-based role which pays a commission to help cover the costs of living during the internship period.

Our intention is to find a talented individual who can transition from this internship, directly into a full-time role at MCPR with a starting salary of £24,000 for a junior position within this rapidly growing agency.

    MCPR is a future-facing and unique Artist Progression & PR Management agency that has pioneered a model that has showcased repeatable success for a long string of Artists, DJs, Record Labels and music industry brands with over a decade of success stories, unrivalled contacts and experience to draw upon.