Single Release PR

Think You've Got Your PR Under Control? We'll Raise Your Game To The Next Level

Our Single Release PR Campaigns are a powerful, versatile and proven way to effectively drive promotion for releases of all shapes and sizes. Our selection of packages and price points offer a diverse stable with something for everyone from introductory campaigns for young projects and those new to promoting their music to highly tailored, high impact and globally reaching campaigns covering a huge amount of  ground in all territories and on all media platforms. Our sliding scale below details the various options available.


Below is a key detailing the finer points on the various options available for Single Release PR. Please take time to read the articles below when considering a campaign with MCPR in order to fully understand what is logical for you and your project. We’re also happy to make recommendations based on your project and music if you’re undecided. From PR Campaigns to Interviews and DJ Promo Campaigns, knowing what you need the most if the first step towards a brighter future for you and your projects.


Fundamental to growth and success of a project – how you tackle the often-confusing world of PR for your releases is a vital part of growing and managing a successful project in the music industry. Our packages offer a selection of promo packages that pack a punch and guarantee that your releases get the press coverage required to get heard by the world. Our PR packages range from an Intro campaign up through Standard, VIP, Gold, Platinum and Diamond options, each packing a more powerful punch than the last. Our base rate campaigns are hugely effective and ensure that your release is well featured around the world’s magazines, blogs, websites and surrounding press. The higher end packages introduce a promotion budget which allows MCPR to reinvest a portion of the budget wisely into appropriate sponsored content, paid placements and advertising that is relevant to your release. Our close contacts with the industry press enables us to book in such features and content at attractive and reduced rates when compared to publicly offered prices. With MCPR, your promo budget goes much further.


Generating interest from the world’s leading DJs is a fundamental process for new releases. MCPR has a network of DJ promo options for all genres and types of releases. Our promo campaigns ensure that the world’s leading DJs are serviced with a copy of your music in pre-release for support consideration. If there’s one way to guarantee the success of a release it’s to have it being hammered left, right and centre by the world’s most famous spinners. Fans and fellow DJs around the world often look to their favourite shows and hosts for new music making the process of DJ promo an invaluable process of the highest importance. MCPR clients can rest easy knowing that their promos are being delivered to those that can make a good release a popular one.


A regular and interesting presence in the global music press is an essential difference maker when fans and industry peers are following artists in the electronic music world. MCPR’s creative team are constantly generating high quality content for clients with everything from artist features to full length life story interviews that are engaging and fuel the hunger for content from your fans. MCPR artists maintain a personal connection with their fans through content such as articles and videos showing a behind the scenes look into life and everything else behind the music. Our connections with the press combined with our team’s love of compiling high quality and personal features of this kind result in a steady stream of professional content that keeps the fans locked into your life and not just your music.


Getting your releases featured on viral playlists on Spotify is one of the gold standards on modern digital music promotion. The reach and impact of viral playlists are one of the most powerful methods of promotion for your releases. MCPR has contacts with a long library of decision makers that compile these hard to reach playlists. Spotify is one of the central hubs for current music consumption and those that take advantage of the platform are reaping the rewards. MCPR handles pitches and procedures for getting your releases featured on these ever-influential lists.

The Soundcloud promo market is a huge, but not always reliable space for music marketing. The web is awash with fake plays, followers and comments that offer smoke and mirrors but no results. MCPR has contacts and relationships with a large number of influential channels that hold legitimate followings and reposting networks that aren’t stacked with bots but real people. We constantly seek out new channels and decision makers that hold the keys to popular channels that are capable of creating openings on this crowded but still highly effective platform.

Viral Soundcloud & Spotify groups and channels are an effective promo target capable of reaching huge numbers of fans.

For more information on our Single Release PR campaigns contact today to discuss your project and our options. We endeavour to guide each individual and group to the service type and package that is right for them making it important to talk through each project in order to establish your unique requirements.