Get started with MCPR Artist Progression & PR Management on the INTRO plan for a taste of what we can do for your projects. If you’re just starting out with your project and are wanting to step forward on the right foot – our INTRO plan can help to build the traction needed to get some blog attention and get you used to a professional working environment for your project.

The INTRO package is perfect for artists that want to find out what professional PR management can deliver without breaking the bank.

£350 ($460) Per Month

Press You Can Expect


Day to Day PR Management

Monday to Friday, MCPR will be right there with you to ensure that your project is constantly moving in a progressive fashion. From regularly sourcing new opportunities to strategizing new plans and processes for your project, you and your PR team will keep you moving in the right direction during and in-between release promotions.

1 Intro Level PR Campaign

When it comes to promoting your new releases, you’ll be well covered with MCPR when we’re calling on the likes of the press above to ensure that your news is getting the feature coverage it deserves.

Access To interviews, Guest Mixes And Artist Features

PR is about more than just promoting music. At MCPR we keep our clients busy with interviews of all kinds, exclusive guest mixes and artist features to keep your project moving regardless of your musical plans for the month. With MCPR there’s no such thing as downtime.

Bio & EPK Management

Your artist bio is basically your CV when it comes to the music business and 90% of unrepresented artists either don’t have one – or lack the clarity and professional image that any serious industry figure expects. At MCPR we’re self-proclaimed artist bio masters and know exactly how to make your story pop. Backing that up, any artist worth their salt has a fully functional hyperlinked EPK design and our team have got the graphic design expertise to get you a an EPK that’ll give you that all-important edge when we’re pitching for new opportunities.

Critical Production Analysis

We might be better known for PR, but we’ve also got ninja-like skills for professional quality music production know-how too. We can take a listen to your demos, let you know what needs some work and if you’re putting your attention into certain labels, we can help you make those all important edits that can help turn a maybe into a record deal. A second pair of ears is a powerful tool for any Producer and our in-house team have got the audio technology and musical knowledge to make a real difference for you.

Discounted Access To Master For 1 Release

MCPR clients get special rates to our mastering partner. We only deal with the best in the business so you can expect to have your tracks getting some serious hardware treatment to deliver than precision and analogue warmth that the average bedroom studio just can’t get close to.

List MCPR As Your PR Agent

Sign up with MCPR on an Artist Progression & PR Management deal and you can list us as your PR representatives on your websites and social media. Don’t underestimate the value of having an industry-known brand like MCPR associates with your project,


To discuss or apply for representation, contact today to talk about your project and how we can help you take the next step in your musical journey.