Our Single Release PR campaigns have been developed over many years to deliver high-impact, global visibility before, during and after a release window and have become a must-have for a long line of some of the most prominent artists and labels in the world. If you’ve got a release ready to activate, getting the right PR plans in place can really help give it the best chance of success.

We’re far from limited to house-hold names though and have a reputation for being able to deliver impressive results to up and coming artists that are putting their music in front of press for the first time. We’re not interested in how many Facebook fans you have, we’re all about quality releases and if we can hear that, we can take care of the rest.

We service PR projects directly to personal contacts at:

  • International dance music magazines
  • Editors/Journalists/Contributors at key music sites
  • Key blogs and their writers
  • Popular social media channels
  • Youtube networks
  • Soundcloud networks
  • Hype & pre-release charts
  • Local and international media

Our levels of success can be credited to a number of factors such as our longstanding relationships with contacts, trust in our musical selection, our presentation and detail in promo delivery which provides everything that content creators and press contacts want and need to work effectively – as well as many other factors. Through years of adapting and improving our promotion methods, we’re now in possession of a powerful platform that gets results.

We spend our days fighting your battles and are regularly landing feature support on hundreds of the leading media spots that attract electronic music fans in their millions.

All of our promo packages are a guaranteed way to ensure that your release gets the attention it deserves. If you want to raise awareness, plays, sales, followers and press content about you and your release – the MCPR single promotions are a great way to discover why our services are among the most popular and effective in the industry.

MCPR promotions are suitable for all genres in the Electronic music field and with dedicated specialists for a variety of sub genres and specialist sounds – you can be confident that we have the right agent for the job.

For more information, quotations or any questions regarding our services, contact pr@mattcaldwell.co.uk and we’ll be sure to detail exactly what we can do for you and your project.