Over the last few years we’ve had the pleasure to work with a vast army of the best world-beating and up and coming talents in the electronic music world. From global single release promotions, to multi-year PR & Artist Development projects, our services have been felt far and wide. Below are a select collection of some of our memorable moments.

99Souls Dannic ThomasNewson Exodus

Ronn tomcraftnew MaxVangeli sean finn new

SenselessLive Seamus Haji Mystique M35

Lange Karol Henrx Impera

Felguk Gregor Salto Dry&Bolinger TEMP

Diass Conro DanDomino Bradley James

ChemicalSurf BENNY CAMARO AdrienMezsi 69new

LuigiNEW samallannew MikeHawkins DJ Sax