US & Tyranix drops ‘Turn Back Time’

US and Tyranix have joined forces to create an EDM smash titled ‘Turn [...]

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Mateo Paz’s latest edition of Gain is now available

Mateo Paz is back again for the next instalment of ‘Gain’ with the [...]

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Beatloaf – Vyjack EP

BeatLoaf, also known as Michael McNamara is the other half of the well-known [...]

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Mr Brico’s ‘What Is Life?’ is out now featuring a Jake Cusack Remix

Mr Brico’s new track ‘What Is Life?’ is out on the 5th November [...]

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Jake Cusack – October Sessions

With a plethora of knowledge, experience and talent, Jake Cusack is certainly no [...]

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Mert Butuner and 3LACKJACK – ‘Inferno’ Drops

https://soundcloud.com/ensispulse/mert-butuner-3lackjack-inferno-out-now Mert Butuner and 3LACKJACK combine for one of 2018’s biggest Big Room [...]

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‘La Isla De Coco’ – Capo and Comes and Damon Grey – Jango Music

https://soundcloud.com/damongrey/capo-comes-damon-grey-isla-de-coco-radio-summer-mix Following up from their release of ‘Bora Bora’, Capo and Comes and [...]

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nej!las – ‘The Event Horizon’ Drops on Teknofonic

https://soundcloud.com/nejlasproducing/sets/private-ep-the-event-horizon Already on the lips of artists and bloggers all over the [...]

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Vizual and Dorian G-Night – Clarity

https://soundcloud.com/happytreerecords/vizual-dorian-g-night-clarity Following on from his previous releases on Happy Tree, Vizual returns [...]

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Drival Showcases ‘Forever is Gone’ on Phoenix Recordings

https://soundcloud.com/joyridemusic/foreverisgone The Spanish DJ/producer Drival presents his newest offering with the immense [...]

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Benny Camaro – Sync Me

Released on the 28th of October, 2015, ‘Sync Me’ is Benny Camaro’s latest [...]

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Bradley James – Akula

Hailing from Staffordshire, up-and-coming DJ and producer Bradley James is rapidly becoming one [...]

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Harmonic Heroes – I Lost My Keys

Rising star Harmonic Heroes has been putting his name behind some remarkable efforts [...]

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Francesco Sparacello – Capitol

Hailing from Lodi, Francesco Sparacello is one of Italy’s finest up-and-coming DJ and [...]

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Benny Camaro – Violation

Benny Camaro is quickly becoming one of Italy’s leading House music ambassadors, a [...]

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John & Matt – Burning In My Soul

Rising duo John & Matt are showing no signs of halting their ongoing [...]

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Rezone – Flight 902

Production mastermind Rezone is back again this month with yet another powerful release [...]

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Benny Camaro – Push It Back

Italian production heavyweight Benny Camaro is back again to add another wonderful effort [...]

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Rezone – To The Groove

Industrious DJ and producer Rezone is back to form this month with yet [...]

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John & Matt – Slow Down EP

Talented duo John & Matt are rapidly becoming one of the most talked [...]

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