Russian production whizz Banghook is lighting up big room House circles this month with the arrival of his monster production ‘Dropgun’. A new name to most, Banghook has hit the ground running with this mammoth chunk of bass-heavy madness, which has hit the shelves following a widespread pre-release hype. Packaged with a tight JB & EP rework – Synergy Records have landed a powerful package here and we’re happy to present it to you today.

A seriously grand breakdown lets off a slew of brass hits, dramatic synths and a flurry of deranged percussive patterns. The atmosphere is tense, nervous and doesn’t shy away from the fact a sonic kick in the teeth is lurking ahead. The riser loops a vocal to push to the limits before the renegade drop kicks the door down. On release, the bass drop punches through the low end and pounds out a no-nonsense four to the floor beat-down that’ll send waves through any crowd that demands high impact big room material. The production levels are high and you can hear the skills, care and attention to the mix process that enables ‘Dropgun’ to really bang without much need to add volume. Bass aside – it’s the frenetic percussion melodies and layering of the winded instruments behind them that stand out above all. The resulting mix of layers is a breathy lead that carries the rhythm over the pumping kick drum blasts.

With the likes of Blasterjaxx already hammering out Banghook productions, it’s becoming apparent that this Russian production powerhouse is catching attention from the very top of the EDM food chain. It’s a tough sound to succeed with when competing with the kings of the genre and their ridiculous studio setups – but when the tracks are coming out as hot as the likes of Banghook – there’s still plenty to get excited about from the up and coming crowd.

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